Sunday, July 22, 2012

Countdown To The 2012 London Olympics

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The start of the 2012 London Olympics promises to be the most spectacular opening ceremony in Olympic history. With just a few days to go, the whole world is anticipating in excitement of what this years quadrennial sporting event will offer. 

Over 10,000 athletes from 205 countries will converge at the 2012 London Olympics to compete for the most coveted award in sport, the Olympic gold medal. Competition will be held in 302 events across 26 sports in newly renovated and constructed spectacular venues across the United Kingdom:

The Aquatic Center


 Serving as the main gateway to the Olympic Park, the Aquatic Center is a breath taking structure designed by a well known architect. The Aquatic Center will be a permanent venue that will be home to aquatic sporting events for the Olympics and future sporting events.

 City of Covetry Stadium

 A stadium that houses the Championship team Coventry City, this venue will hold the Olympic Football Tournament which promises to be the most viewed event in the Olympics.

Basketball Arena

With the likes of several basketball superstars included in the games, the Basketball Arena will certainly provide a befitting venue for the popular sport of basketball. The Basketball Arena is newly built temporary structure which will be one of the most used venues with competitions taking place everyday.  

BMX Track

Located north of the Olympic Park and next to the Velodrome, The BMX Track is a newly constructed sporting venue that will be used for the off-road  dirt bike competition. The track covers a total area of 160m x 90M.  A grand venue for a newly introduced sport to the Olympics.

When the games begin, people from all over the world will surely be focused on   the events.  Many will be  gathering latest updates and results in the hopes that their country's athletes would do them proud by winning medals.

And as the Olympic fever rises, be sure to catch yourself a token of this memorable global sporting event.

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