Friday, July 19, 2013

What Triple Clicks and SFI Affiliate Is All About – A Site Review

As I’ve been in the business of making money on-line for quite some time now, I’ve had my share of failures and success.

One of the best money making programs that I have encountered is Triple Clicks. Similar to that of Amazon, Triple Clicks is also a market place with a large selection of products from different categories that offer good deals. Triple Clicks has been in existence since 1998 and has a reputable track record to back up their claim.

What sets it different from Amazon is their affiliate program where members join thru their affiliate website known as SFI Affiliate. The program involves different daily activities one must accomplish to earn VP points.

Simple tasks such as completing your profile, viewing their daily basic training course, rating comments, building a network and so forth equates to an amount of VP points that are awarded to you. These points can then be used to purchase items on Triple Click giving you more awards and chances of winning credits that you can use through-out the program. It is a system of building up levels as you advance your way up to the top.

SFI Affiliate is also a self contained community that promotes team building and cooperation for everyone to succeed. It does not make you feel that you are left out on your own to work your way up. And while learning the site may seem a bit overwhelming, team leaders are available to personally assist a new member.
I’ve seen many affiliate programs that you can easily quit out on. I can consider Triple Clicks and SFI Affiliate as highly motivated program that can get you hooked the moment you join.

SFI Affiliate and Triple Clicks comes in highly recommendable for those who are serious enough to earn a respectable amount of money on the internet. To learn more about SFI Affiliate and Triple Clicks, just click on the banner below to join.