Monday, September 6, 2010


The word means “to change” in the Filipino language.  A word that reflects Goldilocks care to her customers whom she has touched over the years.  The timeless traditional Filipino delicacies such as the Dinuguan, Palabok, Puto, Halo-halo,  delicious Homemade Cakes and many more  that she has served  over the decades  has made a lasting impression etched in the minds of many of her customers.  And as time goes by with “change”  being the inevitable factor in our lives, so to has Goldilocks come upon the need for change only to her looks. But her services and mouth watering delicacies still remain.
But unbeknownst to her, the word “change” strikes a chord  in my past in which she has played a major role in. This is my story of how Goldilocks’   touched my life and changed my destiny. 
It was sometime during the year 1994 where I was working as an Overseas Filipino Worker somewhere in the Middle East. My dream at that time was to be able to work in the U.S.  and make the big American dream as with everyone else. But alas I ended up being in the Middle East. However, that didn’t stop me from pursuing my dream as I did everything to reach America until I eventually did. 
Having left for America leaving the people I cared for back in the Philippines, I was welcomed by my Aunt at the airport.  For over a week she took me around to see all the beautiful places and introduced me to her American friends. I wasn’t really so sure if I was enjoying myself for all I could think about was  my family and friends that I left behind back in the Philippines. I was faced with sadness and began to think if this is what I really wanted.   One day we decided to have lunch outside.  And guess where my Aunt brought me. It was a Goldilocks restaurant. One of Goldilocks international branch in L.A.  I was thrilled to see a familiar site with all of my favorite Filipino dishes and an all Filipino crew.  It was just like being back home in the Philippines which I so terribly missed.  From that moment, I knew there was a reason why I came across Goldilocks on that day.  She didn’t just want me to eat her delicious foods, she wanted me to ask myself if this is what I really wanted to which I answered to myself “I wanted to be with my Mom and Dad back in the Philippines more than anything else.”    And so on that day I decided to return home and be with the people whom I so cherish to be with.
Today I am a happy father to three loving kids and a happy husband to a loving wife with a respectable business in the Philippines.  Had it not been for  Goldilocks, I probably would not have this family of mine.  So to you Goldilocks thank you for coming into my life and making that change.

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