Sunday, August 1, 2010

Coconut Oil Power

Are you aware of the healing powers coconut oil can do for your health? Research has found out that natural coconut oil is a saturated fat which has a curative nature and has many health benefits that ranges from disease prevention to anti-aging. Amazingly, most people don't know about the healing power of Coconut Oil.

Each and every part of coconut is useful. Coconut also forms an important part of the diet of many people. Coconut is a fruit from which maximum benefits can be derived. Right from the coconut water to coconut shells every thing is useful. However, many times people overlook the benefits which are provided by one of its products coconut oil.

Use of coconut oil in food preparations adds a wonderful flavour and taste. It can also add a lot of nutritional values to your diet. Consumption of coconut oil and its use in our day to day life can provide a lot of health benefits. Have a quick look at some of the health benefits of coconut oil.

Health Benefits provided by Coconut Oil

Read on and find out how coconut oil can prove beneficial for your health.

* Coconut oil is a good to be used during cold season to get rid of dry skin. It has a lot of antibacterial as well as antiseptic properties. Therefore, if applied on wounds, helps to cure them faster. It also helps to deal with the skin problems like eczema. Regular use of coconut oil on skin makes it smooth and softer.

* Consumption of coconut oil helps in improved digestion and helps to stay away from stomach disorders. It also helps to build strong immune system.

* Many people rely on the coconut oil for massaging their body and head. The Coconut oil if massaged on various parts of body and head acts as a good stress reliever.

* Coconut oil is also used for massaging babies since ages. If coconut oil is used for massaging babies regularly, strong bones are developed in them. It also helps in overall development of the baby's body.

* Coconut oil consumption helps in stimulating an improved thyroid metabolism and function. It helps to cure the thyroid problems too.

* Using coconut oil instead of other oils helps to lose weight and prevent obesity as it contains lesser amount of calories.

* Coconut oil can also be effectively utilized as a hair conditioner. To condition your hair with coconut oil, you can massage your head with it at least an hour before washing your hair. It is the best for health of your hair as it helps in preventing hair fall and damage. It also helps to improve the volume of your hair as well as ensures shiny hair. It helps to prevent problems related to scalp skin like dandruff and keeps hair lice free.

Coconut oil helps in prevention of various dreadful disorders like HIV, cancer and diabetes. As it has properties which help to kill viruses, it can prevent the disorders like measles, throat infection, influenza etc. It is also useful for dealing with various skin infections like ringworm, diaper rash etc.

Like coconut oil, other things manufactured or obtained from coconut also provide a lot of health benefits. One of them is coconut water. Daily consumption of coconut water is good for health. It is consumed during pregnancy to ensure healthy baby. At the same time coconut milk extracted from coconut meat can be used in lot of food recipe as well.

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