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The Deadliest Disease

Law Breakers
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Lifted from Our Daily Bread

Read Joshua 7:1, 19-26

(Jesus) was wounded from our transgressions, ...and by His stripes we are healed. - Isaiah 53:5

An even more dangerous disease on the loose in our world is "sin". It too is difficult to bring under control because many people do not recognize its deadliness. And many dispute the Bible's diagnosis of sin.

In Joshua 7, we read the tragic story of Achan. We may recoil at the extreme way God dealt with him. Against God's command, he had taken some of the spoils from Jericho and hid them in his tent (v. 21). He and his family paid with their lives (v.25) Thankfully God does not deal with us in that way. If He did, none of us would remain alive. Yet we must never underestimate sin's deadliness. It sent Christ to the cross for us.

Like a disease, the first step to deal with sin is to recognize it for what it is. Receive with gratitude the gift of eternal life.  Then "put to death your members which are on earth" - the selfish things that displease God  (Col. 3:5).  That's the way  to deal with our deadliest disease - C.P. Hia

The Remedy For Sin
Have you received Christ's gift for salvation?
He died for your sins and rose from the dead.
He offers forgiveness to all who believe in Him (Rom.10:9)

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