As I was . . . considering the objects of your worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: To The Unknown God. —Acts 17:23

During the high schoolers’ spring ministry trip to Jamaica, they visited a home for troubled teens who had run afoul of the law or whose families could not handle them.
This was not a comfortable situation for the kids from either culture. What would they say? How would they connect?
It didn’t take long to find out. Minutes after they arrived, a soccer match began as a number of the US students engaged some of the Jamaican teens in spirited competition.
The soccer match was a great icebreaker as the kids kicked the ball around and got to know each other. After the game, conversation was easier and friendships were established more quickly because of a common interest.
In Acts 17, the apostle Paul demonstrated how to break through barriers and establish dialogue. He talked with the Athenians about something of common interest—worship. In a similar way, we can use sports talk with a co-worker or lawn conversation with a neighbor. The possibilities are endless.
To reach out to people who need to hear about God’s love, look for common language—and watch the barriers fall.

The Spirit of God can reach my neighbor,
Providing the gift of salvation,
If I am ready to open the way
By starting a good conversation. —Hess
God’s love can break down barriers.