Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He is Enough

Read Mathew 14:22-23

Lifted from Our Daily Bread

Jesus spoke to them saying, "Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid." Mathew 14:27

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by life.  The crushing waves of disappointment, endless debt, debilitating illness, or trouble with people can cause hopelessness, depression or despair.  It happened to Jesus' disciples and it has happened to me.

Three statements by the Lord beginning with the words "It is..."  offer us comfort, reassurance and hope that Jesus is enough.  The first is in Mathew 4 and is repeated three times;  "It is written" (vv.4,7,10).  In responding to the three temptations of satan,  Jesus gave us proof enough that the Word of God is true and overcomes the most powerful forms of temptation and pressure.

The second statement, "It is I" (Matt.14:27), was spoken when Jesus told his terrified disciples that He Himself was presence enough to stop the howling storm and calm the raging seas.

Jesus spoke the third "It is" from the cross:  "It is finished!" (John 19:30).  He assured us that His death was provision enough to pay the debt for our sins and set us free.

Whatever our circumstances,  Jesus is present with His love, compassion, and Grace.  He is proof, presence, and provision enough to carry us safely through - Dave Egner

When trials overwhelm our souls
And tempt us to despair
We need to reach out to the Lord
And trust his tender care - Sper

God's love does not keep us from trials;  it helps us get through them.

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